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Science Archives


This is an index of the science articles on the Radiation Research website

» The Danish Cohort study (3rd November 2014)
» "Health effects of electromagnetic fields" (13th October 2014)
» U.S. Senate Hearing on Radiation H&S (16th April 2014)
» BioInitiative 2014 (15th April 2014)
» Bioeffects of Selected Nonlethal Weapons (21st March 2014)
» New EU project on health effects of EMFs (14th March 2014)
» BMJ Open (5th January 2014)
» ‘Biological effects of RF’ Prof Henry Lai. (24th December 2013)
» Journal of oncology (27th August 2013)
» Immune system reaction (16th April 2013)
» BIOINITIATIVE 2012 FIVE-YEAR UPDATE (5th January 2012)
» Olle Johansson's letter to the Teachers Union (20th February 2012)
» Mobile phones affect human hormones (22nd December 2012)
» Engineers tinnitus and hearing loss claims (27th November 2011)
» Israeli scientists find possible link between cellphone use, thyroid cancer (6th March 2013)
» Psychophysiological Indicators (10th November 2011)
» Adolescent in-school cellphone habits (3rd November 2011)
» Cell Phone Study Deeply Flawed(10th October 2010)
» Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine (14th October 2011)
» Wi-fi refugees' shelter(13th September 2011)
» Mobiles and Male Reproduction(28th July 2011)
» Cell Tower Cancer Risk (25th July 2011)
» Cellphones affect the brain (7th March 2011)
» Powerwatch commentary on the INTERPHONE results (24th January 2011)
» Cancer Research UK deny phone link (24th January 2011)

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