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Legal Archives


This is an index of the legal article s on the Radiation Research website

» Court Allows Expert Testimony (14th August 2014)
» Courts demand new monitoring software (8th August 2014)
» Brazil orders lower pollution (29th July 2014)
» Quebec cell phone base stations. (13th June 2014)
» German court ruling on cell antennas (30th January 2014)
» Groundbreaking Judgment in Australia (25th March 2014)
» Body Scanners - legal case won (17th March 2013)
» Supreme Court on Cellphone Towers (13th March 2013)
» ICEMS Paper on Tumour Court Case (5th January 2013)
» Power company fined (16th December 2013)
» U.S lawyers support ICEMS paper (13th December 2012)
» No mobile towers (25th March 2013)
» Italian court ruling (29th November 2012)
» Mobiles CAN give you a tumour (19th October 2012)
» Class action lawsuit based on EHS (28th August 2012)
» New York Stock Exchange investors risk (19th July 2012)
» Cell phone lawsuits (4th May 2012)
» LITIGATION (15th November 2010)
» Court Affirms Cell Tower Decision (21st March 2012)
» EHS Reguge Zone France (13th September 2011)
» Hypersensitivity new disability (5th September 2011)
» Legal EMF Considerations (5th April 2011)
» Law report - phones and health (25th January 2011)
» Wireless permit denied (18th March 2011)
» Further legal considerations in relation to EMFs (5th April 2011)
» Laywers report on mobile phones and health effects (29th March 2011)
» Wireless Permit Denied in San Francisco (18th March 2011)
» Conservative planning green paper (24th January 2011)
» Tunisian court recognise mast danger (24th January 2011)

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