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Smart Meter News


This is an index of the smart meter related articles on the Radiation Research website

» RRT and PHIRE Smart Meters document for Landlords (5th December 2016)
» Expert Witness Report by Dr. Andrew Marino (8th October 2016)
» Thames Water meters document (8th December 2015)
» Former CPUC President speaks out against smart meters (13th October 2015)
» Smart meter scheme could be IT disaster, says IoD (29th March 2015)
» "Symptoms after Exposure to Smart Meter Radiation". (18th March 2015)
» EHS and smart meters in Australia (10th March 2015)
» Smart meter problems force Balwyn North family out of home (19th February 2015)
» Ontario to remove smart meters (22nd January 2015)
» City of Ojai First So Cal Government to Criminalize Meters (14th January 2015)
» Green Electricity or Green Money?  (2014)
» Chamber of Physicians: New electricity meters cause more electrosmog (2012)
» Getting smarter about smart grid (December 2012)
» Smart Grids, Smart Meters and Sustainability (4th December 2013)
» 10 out of 14 peer-reviewed studies on base stations (19th December 2013)
» Ulster315-13 Smart Meter Opt Out passed (19th December 2013)
» "Smart Meters" & EMR: The Health Crisis Of Our Time (28th September 2012)
» British families at risk from smart meters, campaigners tell MPs (24th April 2013)
» Stop Smart Meters! (25th April 2013)
» Smart meters a concern to the population (1st November 2012)
» Take Back Your Power: A “Smart” Agenda Exposed (29th September 2012)
» UK Draft Communications Data Bill (23rd August 2012)
» Smart meters, Action in Victoria/Australia (12th June 2012)
» Stop Smart Meters UK Leaflet (12th June 2012)
» Town Outlaws Smart Meters (12th June 2012)
» "Penalty Fee" Assessed by SDG&E (30th April 2012)
» Dr. David Chalk talk on smart meter (23rd April 2012)
» India reduces base station levels to one tenth of current levels (17th November 2011)
» Which on Smart meters (19th April 2012)
» Smart meter, a disinformation-based technology (16th April 2012)
» Hacking Expert David Chalk Joins Urgent Call to Halt Smart Grid (12th April 2012)
» FBI: Smart Meter Hacks Likely to Spread (9th April 2012)
» Articles in latest Public Citizen Mag and Townsend Letter smart meters, EMR exposure and privacy‏ (March - April 2012)
» Congressional report confirms privacy and security risks (3rd Febrary 2012)
» Austria Medical Association EMF EHS (3rd March 2012)
» PG&E Begins Removing ‘Smart’ Meters Due to Health Effects (1st November 2011)
» The EMR Policy Institute (13th March 2012)
» Bad space weather "catastrophic" for electronics (22nd February 2012)
» Smart meter victory for Formby (7th February 2012)
» Article on AAEM Statement (19th February 2012)
» Smart Meters Political Questions & Answers (29th November 2011)
» Not-so-smart wireless energy meters‏ (February 2012)
» Smart Meters - Smarter Practices Document (27th January 2012)
» Smart meters for energy to be voluntary (27th January 2012)
» List of Parliamentary Question(s) From Bill Esterson MP (27th January 2012)
» Technology not transmitting data properly (27th January 2012)
» How Smart Meters May Cause Autism And Cancer (July 2011)
» AAEM: First Physician's Group in US to Argue against Wireless (23rd January 2012)
» County of Santa Cruz Smart Meter Moratorium (18th January 2012)
» Stop and rethink the smart meter roll-out (15th January 2012)
» 'Smart Meters'... (9th February 2011)
» A National Inquiry on Smart Meters? (12th September 2011)
» Sensitive and Inside Big Technology (6th November 2011)
» Class Action Suit Seeks to Limit Smart Meter Use (29th November 2011)
» Doctor Tony Aguirre shocked at government decision (22nd November 2011)
» LINKY Smartmeter (30th November 2011)
» Smart meters "best practice" in Italy (27th November 2011)
» Smart Meter Rebellion (31st May 2011)
» Maine utility admits smart meters cause interference (19th November 2011)
» Bio Electromagnetic Research Initiative (19th August 2011)
» Mobile phone masts, Wi-Fi and schools (2nd November 2011)
» threatens to 'pull plug' on smart meter roll out (4th November 2011)
» Removal of smart meters because of health effects (1st November 2011)
» The Great Smart Meter Rip Off (1st November 2011)
» CPUC Is Put on Notice for Liability (24th October 2011)
» Doubt on TSA Tests (16th May 2011)
» Power scandal exposed (12th September 2011)
» DECC confirms talks with DH over smart meter risks (31st January 2011)
» Smart Meters deserve careful scrutiny (26th January 2011)
» California Criminalises Smart Meters (25th January 2011)

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