‘New precedent setting ruling: UK child with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity to be accommodated with educational low EMF environment

Statements from parents, child and excerpts from 3 Tribunal Hearings included below:

Parents have now won a 5 year legal battle against 2 local authorities to have their child accommodated in school for EHS. They won in the Upper Tribunal, thus the ruling is also precedent setting. We believe this is the first case in the world where a government body is legally mandated to make low EMF educational provisions to accommodate a child with EHS.

The family wishes to protect the anonymity of their child, however they (and their child) hope that the ruling may begin to facilitate a better future for other children and adults with EHS…’

Continue reading here:  https://phiremedical.org/education-health-care-plan-ehcp-awarded-aug-2022-for-uk-child-on-the-basis-of-electromagnetic-hypersensitivity-ehs/