Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) has prepared a position paper, according to which children’s mobile phone use should be restricted for example by favouring text messages instead of talking. Although research to date, has not demonstrated health effects from mobile phone’s radiation, precaution is recommended for children as all of the effects are not known. Position paper is published (in Finnish) in the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority’s website.

STUK position paper notes that the children’s mobile phone use could be, restricted in the following ways:

  • favouring the use of text messages rather than calls,
  • parents limiting the number of calls and their duration,
  • children can be advised in the use of hands-free devices, which reduces the exposure significantly. When communicating on the hands-free device the phone should be kept a couple of centimetres away from the body,
  • talking in an area with low connectivity or in a moving car or a train should be avoided.

However STUK does not deem it justified to ban children’s use of mobile phones altogether. As mobile phones also promote security, since it facilitates easy communication with parents.

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