THE CHAMPION Wednesday 22 April 2015

A FORMBY campaigner who recovered from breast cancer which she believed was linked to radiation from
phone masts, has hit out at plans to install wireless smart meter’s in homes across the country.
According the Department of Energy and Climate Change, they are proposing that all homes and small
businesses in the UK will be installed with smart meters by 2020. According to the government website, smart
meters are the next generation of gas and electricity meters. However, Formby residents and anti radiation
campaigner, Eileen O’Connor, is determined to do all she can to make people aware of the dangers she claims
smart meters pose.
Eileen, Director of the UK Radiation Research Trust, is invited to talk at scientific conferences across the world
and has recently attended a Business Hustings event in Liverpool, where she raised her concerns about the
increasing levels of EMF emitters from mobile phones, phone masts, baby monitors and smart meters. She has
claimed many people have become extremely sick following the installation of wireless smart meters.
Eileen responded to the governments proposals by saying: “I am urging the Government to halt the current
smart meter rollout, it will be a costly mistake. “Wi–Fi, which is used in the smart meters, uses the same
technology as phone antenna. Many parents and residents would object to a phone mast near their homes or
children’s schools but may not be aware that Wi–Fi is using the same technology. “These wireless smart meters
are emitting the same radiation as phone masts and are being installed in people’s homes. “I am not aware of
any research stating that Wi–Fi radiation is safe and I regularly call for independently funded research to
demonstrate its safety. “We are being forced to live and work next to these emitters twenty four hours a day.”