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Start of 5G in Växjö caused radiation explosion

On Monday 4 July 2022, Telia launched 5G in Växjö. The microwave radiation in a home in central Växjö increased 47 times to almost 1.8 million microwatts/m2. The increase is on par with that measured in the first study of the health effects of 5G published earlier this year. There is a complete lack of research showing that chronic whole-body exposure to the levels of microwave radiation from 5G that have now become commonplace does not pose health risks.

Telia notified subscribers in Växjö shortly before 4pm on Monday 4 July that it would now “switch on” 5G in Växjö. A person living in an apartment in central Växjö had measured the microwave radiation from the nearest base station in his home with a professional measuring device at lunchtime earlier in the day. The meter showed a maximum value of 38,000 microwatts/m2.

When the measurement was repeated a few hours after Telia had announced the launch of 5G, the radiation in the home had increased to 1 790 000 microwatt/m2. Both values represent radiation levels well above those previously linked to an increased risk of ill-health.

Confirms previous 5G study

The measurement confirms the results of a case study published earlier this year: 5G leads to a very significant increase in radiation exposure. There too, a similarly large increase in radiation was observed in a dwelling directly under a 5G base station after the start of 5G. Within a couple of days, the people living in the apartment experienced such severe health symptoms that they could not continue to live there: difficulty sleeping, fatigue, nosebleeds, tinnitus, dizziness, skin problems and heart and lung symptoms. All symptoms decreased or disappeared completely after moving to another apartment with significantly lower radiation levels. The case study is the first and so far only study of the human health impact of 5G, both in Sweden and internationally. However, what the first 5G study showed confirms what has been shown in research for 50 years: exposure to microwave radiation similar to that emitted by 5G, 4G etc. causes a symptom pattern that has been called the microwave syndrome.

The levels now being measured in Swedish cities of a hundred thousand or more microwatts per square metre are a thousand to ten thousand times higher than the levels from which research has reported increased risk of insomnia, headaches, dizziness, tinnitus and other symptoms, as well as increased risk of cancer.

Harmful effects far below the reference value

It helps little that the exploding radiation levels from 5G are still lower than the Radiation Safety Authority’s reference value, as the latter lacks protection against the health risks that research has shown, such as cancer and microwave syndrome.

There is a complete lack of research showing that the levels of 5G and 4G radiation that many people in Sweden are now being forced to endure in their homes, workplaces and schools are not hazardous to their health.

Several hundred doctors and researchers argue in the 5G Appeal that the roll-out of 5G must be stopped because 5G means a massive increase in already proven harmful microwave radiation and because there are no studies showing that 5G does not harm human health and the environment.

Over 250 scientists with expertise in the field have called for new reference values to be developed as more and more research shows that radiation is harmful far below current reference values. They are also calling for the public to be informed about the risks.

Nordic environmental organisations have written in December 2021 calling for new limit values to be developed to protect people at harmful levels far below the current outdated and far too high reference values.

A recent review of research published since 1990 reports that 82% of all research shows that radiation from wireless technologies and low-frequency magnetic fields causes neurological, genetic or oxidative stress effects.

Harmful effects similar to those reported by people all over Sweden and the world have been described for over 50 years in the scientific literature.


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