Wireless technologies cause adverse health consequences if exposures are prolonged or chronic, international reports warn.

Given the proliferation of cell phone antennas in residential areas of Lima, as located on the corner of Sardinia Blas and Santa Margarita in San Isidro, the outstanding physician Sacha Barrios said yesterday Healey said there are abundant studies by scientists and health professionals that said the towers that emit microwaves cause cancer cell among close neighbors, and recommended the withdrawal of these structures to avoid endangering the public.
“Abundant studies show the health risks of electromagnetic fields and wireless technologies. One of the latest is the BioInitiative Report 2012, prepared by 29 scientists and independent health experts around the world, about the possible risks of wireless technologies and electromagnetic fields, “said the renowned doctor.
Indeed, the working group concluded that BioInitiative 2012 evidence of health risks from electromagnetic fields and wireless technologies (radio frequency radiation) has increased substantially since 2007. 1.800 The report reviews new scientific studies reported biological effects and adverse health effects of electromagnetic fields and wireless technologies (mobile and cordless phones, phone masts, WI-FI, wireless laptops, etc).
It also states that chronic exposure levels telephony base stations may cause disease. “It is reasonably foreseeable that the observed bioeffects cause health consequences if exposures are prolonged or chronic, because they interfere with the body’s normal physiological processes, prevent the body to repair damaged DNA, causing imbalances in the immune system, metabolic disorders and lower resistance to disease through multiple pathways, “says the report.
He remarks that “at least five new studies on mobile phone masts have reported biological effects in the range of 0.003 to 0.05 μW/cm2 at levels lower than those reported in 2007 (0.05 to 0.1 uW / cm2) was the range below which no effects were observed in 2007). ” Researchers refer headaches, concentration difficulties and behavioral problems in children and adolescents, and sleep disorders, headaches and concentration problems in adults.
The report concludes that “there is much more evidence of health risks that affect billions of people around the world. Maintaining the status quo is not acceptable in the light of evidence of actual harm. Scientific evidence shown by the new studies channeled coincides with an increase in illnesses and diseases directly related, registered in the population. ”
Given this evidence, Sacha Barrios recommended that mobile phone masts are located at least 600 meters in urban areas. “The Government should create a rule that takes into account new scientific findings on this issue and warn the public about the consequences of such antennas emit microwave,” he said. He advised people living near these towers that target municipal authorities. “They should talk with their mayors and municipal officials, talk to neighbors and demand that are located in residential areas,” he said.

“Telefónica aims to distract illegality of the antenna” In a notarized letter addressed to the mayor of San Isidro, Raúl Cantella, citizens Letts Fernando Bustamante states that “Telefónica aims to divert illegal antenna arguing that the removal of the antenna hurt the residents of San Isidro and Miraflores it would be out of service cellular phone and internet “. Refer to “accept a kind of this nature as a valid argument for Telefónica to agree with in the framework of Exp No. 297797-2012 first instance where the Management Audit has ordered the withdrawal of the antenna, it would be totally disastrous for the rule of law that prevails in our country. ”

Neoplasm mortality statistics
Belo Horizonte with 2.5 million inhabitants, is the third largest city in Brazil, has the best health system nationwide, the best education in the country with a standard of living well above the national average. According to the UN, is the metropolis with the best quality of life in Latin America. However, it has the highest incidence of cancer nationally, which is difficult to explain. Belo Horizonte has the highest concentration of cellular base stations in the country. The natural question was whether there is any correspondence. In evaluating mortality statistics neoplasia, as measured by the distance of a cell tower microwave to the residence of the deceased, the following results were obtained:
At 100 meters from the nearest cell 3.569 deaths
At 200 meters 1.408 deaths
At 300 meters 973 deaths
At 400 meters 482 deaths
At 500 meters 292 deaths
Beyond 1,000 meters 147 deaths

Of the total of dead people with cancer, 81.37% occurred within 500 meters away from the antenna, indicating a highly significant correlation. In 2008, Lima had 1.414 mobile phone base stations, while the rest of the country had 1.358, with a total of 2.772 nationwide basis.

The data
“Some people rent their home to an antenna, receive $ 1.500 per month and then move, leaving pollution for all the neighbors,” warned Sacha Barrios.