A bill is going through the Argentina parliament to seek to limit the maximum levels of radiation, and states that in schools and hospitals Internet connections should be wired. Antenna installations will be subject to public consultation.

In the Chamber of Deputies a bill to prevent, reduce, control and sanction electromagnetic pollution it was presented. The text is titled “minimum prevention and control of electromagnetic pollution” and was presented by Deputy Gabriela Troiano with accompanying Carlos Rubin, Diana Conti and Gailard Carolina. It has the support of many NGOs, trade unions and neighborhood organizations.

The project aims to provide a regulatory framework to “radio infrastructure with radiant systems, antennas and all installations capable of generating electromagnetic radiation” in order to “ensure the protection of public health” considering “both thermal effects as biological “.

The parliamentary initiative seek to respond to widespread public demand in the country and the world, which has caused hundreds of protests, lawsuits and petitions to the authorities against uncontrolled deployment of cellular antennas, power lines and other factors electromagnetic pollution.

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