January 20, 2013 the International EMF Alliance gave a presentation in the European Commission for the “Workshop on Risk Communication – Electromagnetic Fields and Human Health” the European Commission invited the International EMF Alliance for the Stakeholder Dialogue Group on EMF.

The conclusions:
1. Regarding the protection of the general public from potential effects of EMF, the EU Treaties give the primary responsibility to the Member States and do not confer the Commission competence to legislate. The Council Recommendation on EMF exposure limits (1999/519/EC) was adopted to propose a common protective framework to guide the action of Member States in the hope to bring coherence among the various national approaches. Following the subsidiarity principle (apart from workers’ protection), the role of the EU institutions is limited to provision of independent scientific advice (SCENIHR’s work) and to coordination and harmonization of the Member States policies as well as promotion of the best practices.

2. Regarding the risk communication approaches presented at the Workshop, it is apparent that there is a need for interaction between different jurisdictions. This should increase the clarity and the effectiveness of the message for the general public. Therefore, the participants of the Workshop expressed their interest in continuing the Dialogue in its current configuration (stakeholders and member states representatives) on the same, risk-communication theme.

The first day of the workshop will be the public hearing and the second day will be based on the implementation of EMF legislation in European countries.

Both days will have a separate registration (without fee) that will be accomplished online after the official announcement of the meeting by EU.

The registration will be based on the principle “first come first served”.

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