The EM Radiation Research Trust is an independent body. The aim of the organisation is to provide the facts about electro-magnetic radiation and our health to the public and the media. The organisation is funded solely by donations and charitable status has been granted, registered No. 1106304.

What do we do?

  • Explain what is an often confused issue in an understandable way and make the past and current evidence available to the public and the media
  • Lobby the U.K. Government and the E.U. to fund and prioritise the research effort
  • Campaign for law and policy change based on scientific evidence
  • For more independent research into health aspects of mast emissions including a study of a cancer cluster adjacent to a mast site
  • To implement the APMG report with the establishing of a truly independent standard setting body advising on EM emission levels and direction of beams of greatest intensity and potential sensitive sites such as schools, etc.