The Children’s Health Defense

We have until June 30 to submit comments to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that wired (fiber-based) broadband should be the preferred mode of broadband delivery and to finally recognize the need for special measures to address the electromagnetic sensitivity (EMS) disabled community. The FCC wants to ensure everyone has high-speed broadband access to eliminate digital discrimination but wants to use wireless technology to achieve this goal. This type of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) is harmful for all people, especially children and the EMS disabled community.

In legal comments filed with the FCC on May 16, Children’s Health Defense (CHD) said: Yes to access for everyone, but it must be #fiberfirst fo protect the health of the vulnerable. We oppose the cheaper, wireless rollout which emits toxic radiation 24/7. Medical literature has shown it to cause a variety of neurological and cognitive symptoms, oxidative stress,  metabolic, hormonal and sleep disruptions among many other serious adverse reactions.

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