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‘ ES-UK has also arranged access to this revealing one hour film: ‘Canary in a Gold Mine’ over the weekend of 24-25th September 2022.

Canary in a Gold Mine is a moving, hour-long, personal story of how the actor Jonathan Mirin came to realise that his wife had become EHS. He explores his own reactions and deals with some of the many complex implications for family life where a family member has EHS. Produced and filmed in the USA, the film has been well received and shown widely.

Please access anytime on 24th and 25th September over an Internet connection at:
(also accessible on your browser

If you simply cannot access over the Internet please let us know and we will look into making a DVD available at a cost of £10 but this might take 30-40 days after the date of streaming over the Internet.

Best Wishes