In memory of Halle, a beautiful 8 year old little girl from Liverpool who
died on 31st May, 2019 from an aggressive, high-grade malignant brain
Her Father Steve said: “She was 8 years old when she died on a her last
wish holiday to Disney World Florida on 31st May 2019. We were then stuck in
America trying to get her back to Liverpool which took 3 weeks. She was
diagnosed in December 2018 so died 6 months after diagnosis, the tumour was
diagnosed as DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma) although I wouldn’t let
them do biopsy because it’s so dangerous and only confirms the type of
tumour. But as it’s the fast growing tumour life expectancy is usually
around 9 months from diagnosis. The fact that glioma has shown up in both
rat studies it shows it affects Glial cells so this is why I have continued
my research.”

The EM Radiation Research Trust wish to share our concerns for children
using wireless technology. Steve has been on a search for answers in
connection with wireless technology and the link with brain tumours. For
the sake of us all especially our children I encourage everyone to read and
share Steve’s review of the science after discussing this issue directly
with leading independent scientists who are on the front line and trying
desperately to warn the public to protect our health and the health of
future generations.

Here is Steve Fletcher’s story posted via his personal Facebook page. The EM Radiation Research Trust (RRT) would like to thank Steve for sharing his journey for the search for truth through science with the RRT, it is a pleasure and honour working with him.

Steve Fletcher

I haven’t wanted to put anything out on this subject due to the fact the
world is already in a state of fear. I never want harm to come to anyone, as
my family and friends know, but I don’t want my 10 months of research to go
to waste. I have seen my friends and family share conspiracy theories on
various subjects without any scientific proof. The 5G connection to Covid-19
is merely speculation and although there is so much evidence on radio
frequency radiation and biological effects in regards to 2G, 3G and 4G,
there is no scientific proof that 5G could cause health effects similar to
Covid-19 and I’ve had family members get Covid -19 and my cousin end up in
ICU so I know how bad it is and that it’s a virus.
This does not however make me think that 5G will be totally safe, maybe for
the first few years yes, due to the time it will take to set up the
infrastructure of 5G on every street with the use of small cells etc. This
will not happen immediately but it will eventually, maybe in the next 5
years or so.
I do not however ignore the dangers of this type of radiation due to my own
concerns after my own daughter died after becoming addicted to devices that
emit the same frequencies as 4G and Wi-Fi and so over the last couple of
months, I’ve been speaking with scientists and doctors involved in this
field with the help of the Radiation Research Trust. I wanted to hear it
from the scientists involved in the studies so I could hear it from the
horse’s mouth so to speak and find out just how much they are concerned.
I’ve managed to speak with various scientists, including the director of the
NTP study in America and director of the Ramazzini Institute in Italy and
all are concerned about their discoveries.
Lennart Hardell (In the video) is a Swedish Oncologist and Professor who was
involved in the the epidemiology studies and along with the Interphone study
and others confirmed that radiofrequency radiation should be classed as
group 2B possible Carcinogenic in 2011 by 29 of the 30 scientists involved.
Conclusive one would think.
Lennart also helped satisfy a court In Italy in 2012 that a business man’s
brain tumour was caused by over use of his mobile phone. Fast forward 8
years after more cases, another man was awarded compensation for his brain
tumour by a court in Italy, only a few months ago and others have tried in
America, UK and around the world and although some unsuccessfully, I expect
more will follow.
In 2018 the results of the 30-million-dollar rat and mice study the National
Toxicology Programme discovered Schwannoma of the heart, Glioma and Glial
Cell Hypoplasia the precursor for Glioma as well as other cancers and
tumours. The authors of the study and the external scientists concluded
“clear evidence” phone radiation causes cancer and have spoken of their
great concern regarding these studies as they have worked with these types
of rats for years and these cancers or tumours are unusual to witness.

The Ramizzini institute in Italy carried out the same type of study on rats
using far field exposures equivalent to Wi-Fi routers, phone masts, portable
landline phones, base stations and so on and found increases in glioma and
other cancers as well as the unusual heart tumours schwannoma as discovered
in the NTP study which is consistent with the NTP study. These exposure
levels in Ramazzini were under the levels set by ICNIRP.
So, evidence so far.
. 2011 Epidemiology studies show increase in Glioma for high users and IARC
classes radiofrequency radiation as possible carcinogenic by 29-1 scientists
. 2018 NTP Study – Schwannoma and increase in Glioma as well as other
cancers discovered in rats and authors concludes “clear evidence” External
scientist also conclude clear evidence.
. 2018 Ramizzini study – Schwannoma as well as increase in Glioma and other
cancers making it consistent with NTP and calls for reclassification of
radiofrequency radiation based on their findings and again state that these
cancers are unusual to witness in these types of rats.
. High grade aggressive brain tumours doubled since 1995 . Brain tumours
biggest killer in kids under 15 years of age . Cancers and all disease on
the rise since this technology became popular in 90’s – Infertility, autism,
Parkinson’s in younger people etc.
Now I’ve been questioning why so many young people are dying of cancer and
tumours for the last few years, speaking with friends and family about it
and then my own daughter dies with glioma, an aggressive tumour, DIPG. I
look at my own situation, I lived in my family home which had been my
family’s home for 40 years, my mum and her siblings all grew up in there all
fine and healthy, myself and my cousins who spent so much time in that house
all grew up fine and healthy then my two children grow up there, both around
the same age, go to the same school, hang around with the same friends, my
eldest is active, wants to play out and dance, my slightly younger daughter
becomes addicted to these devices doesn’t want to play out, doesn’t want to
move only play on these devices, it causes arguments at home and then
suddenly she is the one who ends up with the tumour. Could be coincidence
but we have some studies here that scientists are worried about and are
trying to tell the world to take precaution.
So, let’s look at what’s going on in the world in this area, we have people
around the world trying to sue industry and this has happened since then
90’s, some have won cases, we have scientist trying to warn us about the
dangers, who have suddenly been silenced by industry or their funding has
been stopped. We have families claiming their child or family member has
ended up ill or died due to this technology. We have 100’s of studies that
show biological effects and cancer under thermal heating and we choose to
ignore it. Why?
The answer is ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation
Protection) a private organisation, who elect their own members, even though
some have worked on a consultancy basis for the industry. Governments around
the world adhere to ICNIRP, their levels and scientific knowledge and so our
governments disregard any other independent science or scientists when it
comes to this subject. The ICNIRP guidelines are of huge economic and
strategic importance to the military, telecom/IT and power industry. ICNIRP
claim that the rats can’t be compared to humans and that we should ignore
these studies (not even take precaution) even though we have been using rats
in studies for decades and most food and drug industries rely on them to get
their products on to the market. ICNIRP were also criticised by the Italian
court in the latest trial.
The governments use ICNIRP guidelines but conveniently it suits them as it
means governments can make more money if the levels are set higher.
Governments are in bed with the industry selling sites to phone companies
for $Trillions globally as well as working alongside them for security
reasons so it’s a full circle of conflict of interests.
The FCC confirm the guidelines and they and FDA also dismissed the rat
studies, yet the FCC chairman is ex in- house Lawyer for Verizon
Communications in US and his predecessor is Tom Wheeler, the man that played
a huge part in setting up the wireless industry.
So, do I trust ICNIRP, governments and phone companies who all make money
out of this industry to give me the truth or do I listen to independent
scientists and doctors that have nothing to gain financially and everything
to lose by warning us?
ICNIRP’s main stance is in regards to thermal heating effects, a 70-year-old
theory that non-ionizing radiation can’t harm us as it doesn’t have the
ability to alter DNA within a cell within one photon. A theory based on
acute exposure not hours or years of exposure.
The thing is though, not all cancer is caused by Ionization, cancers can be
caused by something that triggers a series of events within the body, think
lung cancer from asbestos or other, so could radiofrequency over long
periods of time trigger those series of events?
There are various mechanics being discussed and one is oxidative stress
which creates free radicals within the body and these can do damage to fatty
tissue, DNA, and proteins in your body. Proteins, lipids, and DNA make up a
large part of your body, so that damage can lead to a vast number of
diseases over time.
What benefits do government and industry get by ignoring these warnings?
Well think about this, if it has to be reclassified as probable carcinogenic
or carcinogenic then overnight the industry share prices drop immediately,
warnings will have to be placed on devices and children will not be allowed
it, so along with the share prices dropping they would lose 30-40% in sales,
then they would have to reduce limits further and this may not allow for 5G
which is the future and 5G will transform the world, what it offers in terms
of creating the future, the financial gain and more control with facial
recognition cameras on every street, just like in China right now is an
opportunity that can’t be missed.
I would advise my family and friends to limit your children’s time on these
devices both for mental health benefits and to avoid the potential dangers
being discussed around the world. Do what the wireless companies are
suggesting in small print of your contract or on the legal disclaimer on
your phone, by using headphones or speaker when making calls, move Wi-Fi
routers and dect phones away from where your children sit at home or better
still hard wire devices as the first place we can start to reduce our
exposure is at home. In a world, which will move forward with 5G and build
an infrastructure of millions of more masts in years to come and as the
technology brings us more exciting products that emit these fields its
always better to make sure we protect our loved ones in the meantime.