French National Association Robin des Toits has filed for appeal to the french State Council against september 28th 2011 Ministry of Energy’s decision to install “smart”meter Linky everywhere in France.

Robin des Toits underlines four major defects in this decision :

– Failure to adress Precautionary Principle with missing impact studies of sanitary consequences in terms of population exposition to electromagnetic fields, which have recently been classified a possible carcinogenic by the World Health Organization. Failure to consider alternative technologies.

– Violation of the law related to computerized information and freedom (Informatique et libertés, january 6th, 1978), due to excessive collection and data procession in relation to the initial purpose sought, leading to invasion of privacy.

– Violation of public markets laws in design and choice of the meter, which will represent a very large sum of money from the company who will build it, and which hasn’t gone through neither a tender process nor any large call for competition.

– Violation of local authorities ownership rights and freedom of administration, communities being dispossessed of meters that once were their property. Moreover, a law would’ve been necessary to enable this kind of property transfert.

The sum of all abovementioned infractions and illegal dispositions enables everyone to oppose the installation of this type of meter, with basis the recent decision of the Europe Council reminding that all public decision is submitted to the Precautionary Principle. Yet violation of Precautionary Principle is patent in this type of meter (Electricity, Water and natural gas).

Now that the delay is breached by this appeal, National Association Robin des Toits invites elected officials and local authorities everywhere in France to associate in this action, as well as other associations and groupments opposed to Linky, and to intervene in the dispute to present their own arguments and maximize chances to obtain annulation of this decision which is lacking on so many standpoints.

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