Preface: To the Reader At the end of the second decade of the twenty-first century, we evidence a dramatic increase of all means of mobile communications, which includes space signals, smartphones, and smart meters. Recent data indicate that the number of mobile devices surpasses 7.5 billion users. The integration between the mobile devices and smart home environments and the emerging advances in mobile phone technology including recent 4G and 5G modalities open the discussions on the potential hazard for the biosphere and mankind.
This book would not be possible without the contribution of scientists from Europe and North America. Igor Belyaev and Carl Blackman helped in clarification of biological issues, Peter Gajšek, Jolanta Karpowicz, Dina Šimunić and Krzysztof Gryz wrote about the engineering problems. Biomedical engineer Lucas A. Portelli reported the recent advances in studying low-level thermal signals, while Henry Lai offered the readers a summary of recent literature on the neurobiological effects of radio frequency radiation. Martin Pall proposed a possible mechanism explaining how cancer can be caused by microwave frequency EMF exposures. Yury Grigoriev and Natalia Khortzeva reported Russian experience in setting standards and the investigations of the RF EMF effects on children in Russian schools.

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