Open letters – For the attention of members representing the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) TEN Section on electrosensitivity. The next plenary session is due to take place again on 21st January, 2015. This report has the potential to lead towards suggesting binding EU legislation on EMF and will require political discussion. Please lobby your MP and MEP to support people suffering with electro sensitivity.

Progress report on build up to EESC plenary session on 21st and 22nd January

4th November 2014

European Economic and Social Committee – Public hearing – Brussels
Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity
Download Dr Isaac Jamieson Presentation here

5th January, 2015

The attached EESC Draft Opinion (Annex EESC-2014-05117-00-00-pa-tra-en.doc) was due to be debated at the EESC on 7th January, 2015. Electrosensibles por el derecho a la salud had lobbied EESC members to encouraging them to vote YES on their own-initiative report on electromagnetic hypersensitivity TEN 559 at the meeting of the session TEN on January the 7th, EESC.
Electrosensibles por el derecho a la salud contacted NGO’s in the United Kingdom calling for support to write to UK EESC members of the TEN Section. EESC UK member Richard Adams had responded to Electrosensibles por el derecho a la salud on 4th January saying he will be voting against the opinion report as he considers that there is no sufficient evidence to recognise EHS or the rights of people EHS. He appeared to be relying on Industry denial arguments.

6th January, 2015

The RRT responded with the enclosed letter dated 6th January, 2015. Medical doctors Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe and Dr. Andrew Tresidder also sent emails addressed to Richard Adams providing evidence in an appeal for Mr Adams to vote in favour of supporting the report to protect people suffering with EHS.

Open letter of appeal sent to members of the European Economic and Social Committee TEN Section regarding the Opinion report on electrosensitivity. In a bid to counteract the denial arguments by EESC member Richard Adams that are clearly modelled on telecommunications enterprise lobbies.
Download First letter to Richard Adams EESC here

11th January, 2015

The RRT received a report from Electrosensibles por el derecho a la salud on 11th January, 2015 saying the EESC debate on electrosensitivity was very intense and aggressive and lasted for almost five hours, most debates only last one hour. The outcome was tight in the final text (50 in favour, 39 against and 9 abstentions) and in the voting on each of the amendments (see attached Annex 1 EESC 2014-05117-00-02-AS-TRA-EN.)

One UK member of the EESC’s TEN section, Richard Adams, publicly announced his intention to develop an alternative text for the next vote in EESC plenary, parallel to the original draft opinion. It was reported that Richard Adams argued against the precautionary principle, and use denial arguments clearly modelled on the telecommunications enterprises lobbies. For this purpose, he meets with the draft opinion opponents in order to organise the opposition in the EESC plenary session 21/01/2015 – 22/01/2015.

13th January, 2015

The RRT issued an open letter directly to EESC members for the UK and Ireland voicing concern about the stance taken by Richard Adams and providing further evidence on electrohypersensitivity, including a powerful comment and information from Professor Yury Grigoriev, Honorary Chairman of Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection and Advisory Committee member of WHO on EMF and Health saying “The current proliferation of wireless frequencies is worse than ionizing radiation as levels of non-ionizing radiation are constantly increasing and ubiquitous; it is out of control.
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16th January, 2015

The RRT received a response from Richard Adams via email on 16th January saying that his counter opinion was incomplete and he had only sent it to 40 members of TEN section who voted in favour of substantive amendments on 13th January, confirming that he was finalising this work to be translated and presented to all members on 21st January. He said he had checked the references provided by the RRT and used a false statement saying “ The Bioinitiative Working Group and Hardell – has no academic or scientific support or credibility.”
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The RRT emailed all UK and Ireland EESC members with and open letter in response to Richard Adam’s counter opinion to the original report on electromagnetic hypersensitivity.
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18th January, 2015

The RRT called on the Bioinitiative Working Group to respond to Richard Adams. Download copies of the final letter from the RRT to Mr Richard Adams, the Bioinitiative Report defended and supporting material.
Download Final letter to Mr Adams here
Download BioInitiative Report Defence here
Download BIWG to EESC TEN on EHS to RRT here

19th January, 2015

Professor Lennart Hardell sent a letter of rebuttal to Richard Adams along with further material in defence of his professional reputation. Dr Hardell included a letter from Kjell Hansson Mild, member of SCENIHR. Along with comments to the EU Commission in 2014 confirming that SCENIHR tried to omit his 2014 papers.
Download Adams rebuttal here
Download Hardell et al comments on SCENIHR here
Download Kjell Hansson Mild comments here

20th January, 2015

Late Breaking News the EESC plenary about EHS on 21 and 22 January, 2015

The counter opinion denial arguments from Richard Adams (not yet published on the EESC website) New amendments (7,8,9, and 10) have been tabled and are in favour of protection measures in the interest of EHS people.

Powerwatch breaking news on conflict of interest of Richard Adams:
Counter opinion by Richard Adams submitted to the EESC.
Download EESC counter opinion by Richard Adams here

21ST January, 2015

Letter from RRT regarding serious conflicts of interest for Mr Richard Adams
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Historic day of neglect in Brussels
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4 February 2015

An Open Letter to Richard Adams
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To be continued…………