Please feel free to download, print out, and put up the Save the Males save_males.
NB. The Save the Males poster contains copyright. The image, words or RRT logo cannot be changed or removed. Please contact the RRT if you need to resize the poster for other promotions such as use for fridge magnets, key rings etc. The RRT needs to be represented correctly so please contact us over the spec for the sizes required so we can ensure that the RRT logo and copyright is represented correctly. We can provide a cost for the artwork.Please also consider making a donation to our charity to help pay towards further promotion material and campaign costs.

Objectives Increase national awareness that the evidence on fertility damage from mobile phone use is now getting very strong

August 2011 The Evidence connecting Mobile Phone EMF Exposure and Male Infertility by Brian Stein (RRT and EM Man) and Alasdair Philips (Powerwatch) Read More

November 2018 Rapid Fire – What Brain and Sperm Share and Why Care | Dr. Devra Davis | TEDx JacksonHole here

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