The ASA have asked the RRT to remove the ‘Save the Males’ poster from the magazines, newspapers and websites due to choice of wording. The RRT and its scientific advisers disagree with the ASA assessment of the public interpretation of the advertisement.

The ASA is recognised by Government, it is a voluntary code body funded by industry whose judgements do not have the force of law. However, in this case we are prepared to address their criticisms and change the poster wording.

The RRT believe that two small wording changes will remove the current ASA criticisms. These are:

Changing “Most medical experts …” to “Some medical experts …” and
changing “… can affect fertility …” to “… may affect fertility …”

Future versions of the poster for actual printing and display now contain these small changes.

Please see enclosed letters from the ASA and response from the RRT. The RRT felt that this information would be helpful to other campaign groups under the Freedom of Information.

Document 1

AOL Substantiation (17th August 2011)
AOL Telephones and radiation (17th August 2011)
Code Rules Edition (17th August 2011)
Ext Notif (17th August 2011)
TU6 Adv Eml (17th August 2011)

Document 2

Janet Newell, ASA – response to complaint (22nd August 2011)

Document 3

RF Fertility, ASA pubs v1 (22nd August 2011)
RF Fertility, ASA v1a (22nd August 2011)

Document 4

Letter from RRT to Adv (7th November 2011)
Ext Dft2 (7th November 2011)

Document 5

Letter from RRT to Adv (6th October 2011)
Ext Dft (6th October 2011)

Document 6

Janet Newell – Letter 2 (13th October 2011)

Document 7

Janet Newell ASA (14h November 2011)

Document 8

Letter from RRT to Adv (25th November 2011)

Document 9

CL Adv Eml (20th December 2011)
Final Adjudication (20th December 2011)
Pro-forma (20th December 2011)