Research has shown a consistent link between mobile phone exposure and adverse health effects on male fertility and sperm viability. The majority of young males are now heavy mobile phone users, so we feel that this deserves national attention as a potentially very serious public health issue. At the Radiation Research Trust, we want to make sure the public are educated about the potential risks to fertility as the evidence of fertility damage from mobile phone use is now extremely strong. Research from laboratory experiments has proven:

  • Lower levels of radio-frequency (RF) radiation, such as that emitted by a mobile phone, can affect sperm quantity and quality
  • Exposure to RF radiation decreases sperm’s motility and vitality
  • Such exposure potentially affects both a male’s fertility and the health and well being of his offspring

We highly recommend you take these simple precautions:

  1. Keep your mobile phone out of your trouser pocket
  2. Do not text holding your phone at waist level
  3. Limit your daily use
  4. Switch it off at night (or as much as possible)

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