Tech tips for your health | Dr. Alexia McKnight | TEDxLancaster

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‘Dr. Alexia McKnight was healthy and active until her health took an immediate turn for the worse. The cause? A smart electric meter that was placed on her house. Through testing and research, Alexia learned that her health issues are due to radio frequencies, a type of non-ionizing radiation found in wireless devices like cell phones, computers, tablets, smart appliances, wifi routers, and smart electric meters. Many people may have health issues due to radio frequencies and not know it. This phenomenon is known as the Havana Syndrome. While technology and these frequencies are all around us, hear what steps Dr. McKnight took to alleviate or eliminate her symptoms. Alexia McKnight grew up in Virginia, wanting to be a veterinary radiologist. Becoming fascinated with advanced imaging, particularly MRI, she pursued veterinary medicine to realize that goal. After a post-doctoral fellowing at an MRI lab and a diagnostic imaging residency, she taught equine and large animal radiology before starting her own teleradiology practice in Chadds Ford, PA. Her career focus has been equine MRI, as she enjoyed the advantages of technology throughout her career and personal life. An unexpected twist ushered her through some legal and legislative landscapes while experiencing a different perspective of radiation and technology. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.’