Dirty Electricity and Microwaves – The Cigarettes of the 21st Century

Most of you reading this are too young to remember the ads touting the health benefits of cigarettes and portraying physicians smoking. These ads began appearing in various publications in the 1920s—including JAMA (Journal of the AMA), one of the most widely distributed medical journals.

It took nearly a century for truth to win out and defeat the corporate marketing fraud, but now science and the courts have definitively established the destructive effects of tobacco and everyone can agree that the claims in these ads are preposterous.

Unfortunately, many fail to appreciate that there are massive similarities between the telecommunications and tobacco industries with respect to their manipulative and deceptive tactics to deceive you about the health dangers of their product.

There is often a delay of several years to several decades between new scientific findings and a change in public policy—a time period that is critical in preventing irreversible health damage. By waiting for government regulations to change, it is often too late. Researchers have now concluded that just as smoking doesn’t cause immediate signs of cancer, the latency period for brain tumors from microwave radiation can be 10, 20, or even 30 years.

That means, it’s still too soon for most cell phone-induced brain tumors to show up!