Why ‘Smart’ Wireless Means We Are Dying Younger in Poorer Health and Endangering the Wellbeing of Our Children.     

The Diary of an Electrosensitive

Brian Stein CBE and Jonathan Mantle

The Microwave Delusion is the story of one man’s experience of the damaging health effects of low-level microwave radiation and the international campaign to hold the mobile phone industry to account for its negligent and greedy safety practices.

This book charts a journey through personal experience, government indifference, industry dirty tricks and the rise of independent, peer-reviewed science over industry-controlled studies, leading to campaigns, political action and legal judgements against the wireless industry in mainland Europe, North America and Israel.

In the UK and elsewhere, global wireless operators like Vodafone pour millions into advertising – when did you last see a national newspaper or TV network run a critical piece on Wi-Fi and 5G? – and sponsor cancer charities and scientists and researchers to ‘disprove’ the independent peer-reviewed science.

British health authorities and politicians, quick to impinge on personal liberties in the case of Covid, know the risks to the public from Wi-Fi and the rollout of 5G – and refuse publicly to acknowledge the issue.


‘The Microwave Delusion’ is available online and to order in store from booksellers including Waterstone’s, Blackwell’s, W.H Smith, Foyles, Amazon, bol.com and Cygnus Books (UK and Europe) and Barnes & Noble and Amazon (UK, North America and Canada). 

RRP: £14.99 sterling.  US $22.99 

*All profits from this book go to charities campaigning for a safer wireless environment around the world.