I would like to pay tribute to the life and work of Dr. John Walker, retired physicist from Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. Dr. John Walker’s life is due to be celebrated today after recently passing away. He was a gift to this world and will be sadly missed.

I first met Dr. John Walker in 2002 after developing breast cancer at the age of 38 and discovered the cancer cluster surrounding the phone mast in Wishaw Sutton Coldfield. Dr. John offered to help our campaign group ‘Seriously Concerned Residents Against Masts’ (SCRAM) and went on to discover seven cancer clusters and other serious illness surrounding mobile phone masts in other areas of the UK. He was one of the first scientists to plot cancer clusters surrounding phone masts in the world. His work was presented to the authorities, but they failed to follow up on Dr. Walkers important unpublished work and observations.
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