A world full of wireless technology is discriminating against ES victims. Is illegal? This is the big question to ask our politicians, industry, doctors, scientists and the courts.

Please download the Disability rights document, ES victims should be protected under UK law. It would appear that ES victims meet this criteria for disability rights under all sections listed within the law.

Governments throughout the world and authorities such as WHO, ICNIRP and the UK Health Protection Agency are ignoring the voice of objection from independent scientists and members of the public worldwide as they continue to encourage the proliferation of wireless devices. The world has created an invisible under-class who are denied the opportunities available to everyone else. ES victims are often unable to use their talents and capabilities to earn a living through denial of access to transport and places most people take for granted.

With other forms of disability, society has taken the view that such a situation is unacceptable and as legislated to ensure equal access and equal opportunity. It is offensive, inhumane and wholly unacceptable to force people out of society to live in the wilderness and allow this sort of discrimination.

Discriminating and ridiculing people who are disabled goes against the UN 22 Standard Rules on the Equalisation of Opportunities for People with Disabilities – since 2007 upgraded into The UN Convention on Human Rights for Persons with Functional Impairments.

ES people should be granted disability rights and protection under UK law. We question the legality of the current system as it is discriminating against ES people.

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