Based on three petitions, one of which received over 3,000 signatures, the Local Government and Environment Committee in New Zealand has issued a document to the national government with the following recommendations:

  1. That it consider whether a review of the New Zealand Standard for Radiofrequency Fields (NZS 2772:Part 1:1999) is necessary to ensure that it is still in line with world’s best practice
  2. That it review the membership of the Government’s Interagency Committee on the Health Effects of Non-Ionising Fields to ensure better community representation and expertise in risk assessment
  3. That it consider how the regulatory environment might be improved so that the development of infrastructure can proceed in a way that safeguards community interests
  4. That it explore with the telecommunications industry how better incentives can be provided to encourage shared use of telecommunication sites and towers, such as co-siting and co-location arrangements, while safeguarding community interests.

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