MALAGA-SPAIN: Among the 350 inhabitants of Pérez, near the town of Velez-Malaga, there have been 43 cases of cancer, 35 of which have resulted in death. The residents are demanding the removal of the phone mast in the village, a cause supported by the country’s opposition party UPyD.

Residents living close to the relay antennas in Pérez Los Cortijos, within the district of Vélez-Málaga, today drew attention to the existence of 43 cancer cases among their population of 350, and said they are no longer prepared to tolerate the presence of the mobile phone mast that has been ruining their lives for the last 15 years.

Antonia Delgado, their spokesman, today pointed out during a press conference that the phone mast installed beside the old N340 is only a few metres away from the houses in the centre of Benajarafe. He emphasised that out of the 43 cases, 35 had resulted in death, and “so far this year eight residents have died.” He added that his sister has breast cancer, his father cancer of the larynx, and his uncle a melanoma.

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