Story by Elliot Jessett

‘5G radiation’ campaigners told ‘this is not the place’

‘A Sefton Council meeting was continually disrupted by campaigners protesting against ‘5G radiation’ who were told by the panel chairperson ‘this is not the place.

A panel met this morning at Magadalen House in Bootle for a public engagement consultation on a series of local authority proposals including a new digital strategy for the borough. The panel was led by Cabinet Member for Communities and Partnership Engagement, Cllr Liz Dowd who advised the meeting was solely to discuss the quality of public engagement and consultation in Sefton.’

‘There was also mention of a letter sent to Sefton Council by a group called the Radiation Research Trust who asked to present their concerns about ‘the rollout of 5G and the IoT [Internet of Things]’.

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Link to EM Radiation Research Trust letter to Sefton Council as mentioned in the Liverpool Echo article:

Have Your Say – 5G to expand across Sefton, Merseyside: