Jacket Required: Inside Tim Love’s Latest Italian Joint, Caterina’s

Mule Alley’s newest restaurant will offer one of Fort Worth’s most upscale dining experiences.


JULY 25, 2022

“While those dining might have to sweat for a few seconds before reaching the front doors of the restaurant —golf carts will greet patrons at the valet so people won’t have to walk — Love admits that his biggest hurdle will be requiring people to avoid using their cell phones. Yes, you read that right, the booths, bar, and seats will be cell phone-free zones. Once one enters the restaurant, the host will “confiscate” devices — placing them in a bag and giving them back to the diner, only to be taken out of the bag once the person leaves the restaurant. The idea is to have patrons fully invested in the experience of dining at Caterina’s, ridding the restaurant of the annoyances a face-up smartphone brings to a dining table. However, if someone needs to get in touch with you, they can call the restaurant, and a host will bring a red rotary dial phone to your table — like the good ol’ days.”

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