Powerful interview – Dr Carlos Sosa talks about electrosensitivity with Glynn Hughes of the EMF Health Academy

February 2024 

Listen here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hm9TLrgOnIc

Dr. Carlos Sosa is a medical doctor who received his training and medical degree in Medellín, Colombia.  By the time he received his diagnosis of Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EHS) seventeen years ago, he was an ER physician.

The diagnosis was the founding motive for the loss of his medical profession and his life project. Dr. Sosa received incurable neurocardiovascular damage which persists to the present day due to the exposure to the electromagnetic radiation of a wireless internet antenna which spread the signal throughout the city of Medellín directly from his place of residence. Despite his warnings  to the city and state health authorities, both secretaries refrained from taking action in order to protect the health and physical integrity of the Sosa family. The official negligence of the National Health Ministry of Colombia that was also informed about the situation, proved to be catastrophic.

Dr. Sosa was treated at the Dallas Environmental Health Center (EHC-D) by Dr. William J. Rea, Dr. Sosa was diagnosed with: Toxic Encephalopathy, Electromagnetic Sensitivity, Immune Deregulation, and Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction.

Download a report in Memoriam of Dr William J. Rea written by Dr. Carlos Sosa M.D. & Dr. Pedro Sierra M.D.on Electromagnetic Fields Disease. RADIOFREQUENCY DISEASE