Prof. Dominique Belpomme and Dr. Sc. Philippe Irigaray, both members of ECERI (the European Cancer and Environment Research Institute), and founding members of A.R.I.E.M. have just published a new article in the international journal Environmental Research that sheds new light on the origin of electrohypersensitivity (EHS).

The article, titled : « Why electrohypersensitivity and related symptoms are caused by non-ionizing man-made electromagnetic fields: An overview and medical assessment » explains why EHS and related symptoms are caused by man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from, among other things, wireless technology.

EHS: a new neurological condition caused by EMF exposure

Through an extensive scientific review, the researchers demonstrate that there is sufficient reliable and consistent scientific evidence to date to acknowledge EHS as a new neurological condition caused by EMF exposure.

This article comes after important research work published by the same researchers with 30 other international contributors in the field of medical research, which discusses the significance of biological markers developed to drive unbiased knowledge forward in the field and monitor patients.

EMFs highly harmful to health

Refuting the hypothesis of a psychological effect resulting in the genesis of EHS, these researchers demonstrate that there are objective pathophysiological changes and health effects induced by EMF exposure in EHS patients and, above all, in healthy subjects, which means, according to the results of this study, that EMFs are extremely harmful to health.

These results were obtained bearing in mind criteria for causality proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The conclusions of this article therefore call on governments and health institutions, and specifically WHO, to urgently consider EHS as a new environmental pathology mainly related to EMF.

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