Presentation about Electrosensitivity by EM Radiation Research Trust Chairman Mr Brian Stein CBE at the 2018 Glastonbury Symposium

‘In this presentation, campaigner and ex-company CEO Brian Stein raises awareness about the dangers of electromagnetic pollution, and says: “I was a regular and heavy mobile phone user until 2000 when I became severely electrically hypersensitive, or ‘electrosensitive’. Assuming I was a freak, I kept this fact from public view until after many years research I discovered that millions of people around the globe have become electrosensitive and that there is research being published every week showing the damaging effects microwaves have on our health. I explain why this research is ignored, and why the media are reluctant to publish it.” Recorded at Truth, Mysteries and New Frontiers (Glastonbury Symposium), July 2017’