The EU Parliament meeting held on February 7, 2023 at the European Parliament in Brussels, at the initiative of MEP Michèle Rivasi was a real success. The strength and diversity of the interventions during the two and a half hours of this workshop in the presence of the services of the European Commission deserve a particular attention.

7th February 2023 : 18h30-20h30 : European Parliament 
Europeans for Safe Connections : a call for actions
an European Parliament Workshop hosted by MEP Michele Rivasi (Greens/EFA)

18:30 Opening and Context Introduction, MEP Michele RIVASI
18:35 European for Safe Connections, presentation by Rob VAN DER BOOM
18:50 Phonegate lessons and SAR compliance in EU, by MD Marc ARAZI
19:05 Being Electrohypersensitive in the EU, a public testimony
19:20 The European Citizen Initiative « Stop5G- Stay Connected but Protected »,
presentation by Pernille SCHRIVER
19:30 Q/A, Discussion and MEPs Comment, moderated by MEP Michele RIVASI
19:50 The 2011 Resolution of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly :
“The potential dangers of electromagnetic fields and their effect on the environment”,
a perspective by Jean HUSS, rapporteur of the Resolution
19:55 The 2021 Opinion of the European Economic and Social Committee :
“The societal and ecological impact of the 5G ecosystem”, a perspective by
Dumitru FORNEA, rapporteur of the Opinion
20:00 The 2030 Hexa-X Flagship initiative of the European Commission by Peter STUCKMANN, European Commission, DG CNECT
20:05 Discussion and exchange of views, moderated by MEP Michele RIVASI
20:25 Conclusion and Next Steps, by MEP Michele RIVASI
20:30 End of the Workshop