Are your hands really tied when it comes to telecom? Listen to a group of top lawyers recently organised by Americans for Responsible Technology.

Videos and slides

Welcome and Introduction – Doug Wood (6:57)

Doug is founder and National Director of Americans for Responsible Technology, a non-profit organization.

Protecting Every Citizen – Brenda Martinez

Brenda is a founding member of Fiber First LA, a non-profit coalition advocating for safe, reliable and economical fiberoptic broadband for everyone. Brenda is a mother, a community organizer and a strong and articulate spokesperson for her community.

Part Two: Three Essential Components – Scott McCollough (11:28)

For ten years, Scott was Assistant Attorney General for the State of Texas and represented the State before regulatory agencies with jurisdiction over gas, telephone, water and electric utilities. In private practice he has focused on public law and regulation relating to telecommunications, and recently argued the successful case against the FCC on behalf of Environmental Health Trust and Children’s Health Defense.

Part Three: The TCA and the Rights of Local Officials – Andrew Campanelli (9:16)

Andrew is a litigation and Telecommunications Act attorney who handles local, state and federal telecommunications cases, and has authored numerous local codes that provide protections for citizens while complying with all FCC requirements. Since beginning his legal career as a litigator in 1992, Mr. Campanelli has handled over 7,000 civil and criminal cases, and he has litigated over 1,000 cases to conclusion.

Part Four: The Unwanted Towers of New York – Odette Wilkens (15:25)

Odette is the founder, President and General Counsel for the non-profit organization Wired Broadband, Inc. She is a strategic advisor and legal counsel with 20 years of experience in technology and general commercial transactions. She was formerly a corporate attorney with IBM and Senior Director of Legal Affairs at A&E TV. Recently Odette has been spearheading the grassroots opposition to the giant wireless towers that are being installed all over New York City.

Part Five: Evolutionary Values – Julian Gresser (9:04)

Julian is an international attorney, professional negotiator, inventor, and author of several books, including his latest one “How the Leopard Changed Its Spots” to be published in May. He is an expert in international negotiation, and was twice a Mitsubishi Visiting Professor at the Harvard Law School and a visiting professor at MIT’s Program on Science, Technology, and Society. He is the founder and president of Big Heart Technologies, and the Broadband International Legal Action Network (BBILAN), which is our partner in producing this series of webinars.

Part Six: Panel discussion with questions from the audience (32:41)

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