An Integrated Radiobiological Assessment

Important book free to download from the late Professor Yuri G. Grigoriev

Translated and adapted by the ORSAA* translation team

Professor Grigoriev is one of the world’s leading authorities on wireless radiation. Professor Yuri G. Grigoriev (PhD, DMedSci) 1925-2021

  • Chief Scientific Officer, Laboratory of Radiobiology and Hygiene of Non-Ionizing Radiation, Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center of the Federal Medical Biological Agency (Russia)
  • Academician, Academy of Electro-Technical Sciences (Russia)
  • Deputy Chair, Bureau of Radiobiology, Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Member of the WHO Advisory Committee (International EMF Project)
  • Member of the Russian Scientific Commission on Radiation Protection
  • Member of the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection

Grigoriev’s book refers to studies showing harmful effects of 5G millimetre waves (MMWs). They include:

  • demyelination of nerve cells
  • changes to cell membranes, including changes to ion channels
  • inhibition of cell cycle progression
  • changes to levels of enzyme and proteins in the brain’s hippocampus
  • double-strand breaks in DNA
  • effects on reproduction
  • changes to the sensitivity of the skin
  • effects on peripheral and central nervous systems
  • effects on the hypothalamus and pituitary glands and changes to cortisol and testosterone hormones
  • changes to heart rate
  • changes to immune function
  • degranulation of mast cells in the skin (that can cause allergic-type symptoms

Foreword by ORSAA (Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association) This book brings a timely warning message to a world intent on further densification of background artificial electromagnetic fields (EMFs) to the point of saturating the planet. The current level of human-made EMF already sits at a quintillion (1018) times the earth’s natural background levels. These levels continue to rise in spite of very limited biological testing and the many warnings from independent scientists over the last five decades. Ubiquitous 5G is now to be added to the existing 3G and 4G systems, covering the earth and sky, and invading the ionosphere. Artificial radiofrequency (RF) radiation has already been shown to be a potentially carcinogenic agent, damaging to DNA and creating many other biological and health effects.

ORSAA has assisted with the translation and revision of this book with a view to understanding the reasoning behind the Russian precautionary approach to the roll-out of wireless technology. Sadly, one of the authors, Professor Yuri Grigoriev, a giant in the science of Radiobiology, passed away in the midst of the translation and revision of the book. Over the past seven decades, Professor Grigoriev orchestrated many large scale experiments and practical projects in ionizing and non-ionizing radiation science and protection. The output of this work has been used in health care, medical science, the military, and in space research. Grigoriev’s breadth and depth of understanding of the interactions between biology and physics should not be ignored by governments, telecommunications engineers or social scientists charged with responsible decisionmaking in this matter. ORSAA has considered it both an honour and a duty to complete this project, in fulfillment of his urgent wishes.

Professor Grigoriev was privy to many decades of research regarding non-ionizing radiation in Russia and the Eastern bloc countries. The reader is herein given access and insight into results from these studies. It becomes clearer with each turn of the page that these research results corroborate and amplify the many warning messages of biological harm revealed in the enormous database of scientific studies already available to the vi West, from military studies beginning in the 70s to sound biophysics of the 80s, and decades of independent research from universities and other institutions.

In these pages the authors describe the biophysics of exposures to EMF using clear explanations and solid logic. The industry premise that 5G millimeter waves (which are characterized by complex modulations) will only be absorbed in the skin and thereby only increase surface heating, is revealed to be shallow and false. As the book explains, the skin is a major critical organ of the body when it comes to millimeter wave exposures. It is rich in nerves, and innervated by the peripheral nervous system, including the autonomic nervous system. The skin is also the body’s first line of defence against chemical or mechanical assault. Concerns are also raised for the cornea and sclera of the eyes, for which there is no current relevant experimental data.

The many decades of work in Russia and Eastern bloc countries on bio-resonance have provided a qualitative shift in understanding the interactions between MMW signals and human systems. Use of bio-resonance as a framework has allowed for the integration of seemingly puzzling results from various corners such as the discovery of amplitude and frequency “windows” and non-linear dose-response characteristics. Both experimental and theoretical work regarding bio-resonance is reviewed within this text. Included in this work is evidence for mechanisms in the body and the immune system that specifically recognise various forms of MMW radiation. These systems are changed as a result of their interactions with MMWs, and moreover, they accumulate bioeffects.

These bio-resonance findings provide principles of immense significance for better understanding of the immune system and human sensitivity to EMFs. Such principles are now being developed in Western medicine and safety science; e.g., Geesink and Meijer (2020) have used bio-resonance and quantum coherence in order to provide a framework for explaining why experimentally observed effects are dependent on frequency bands and power density. A better understanding of bio-resonance could assist microwave technology to move out from the currently unhealthy situation and into safer, more bio-compatible systems. Exploration of bio-resonance effects may also open up new methods for healing, thereby creating a qualitative shift in medical science.

The authors have taken an approach to radiation protection that prioritises the health and safety of the population, including more vulnerable exposure groups such as children. vii The Russian scientists point out that our current exposures to RF, although deemed by western authorities to be “low-power”, are ongoing, 24 hours per day, seven days a week, and are biologically active. Therefore, these anthropogenic electromagnetic energy exposures cannot be considered to be risk free, particularly for more vulnerable population groups. Their approach is in stark contrast to the approach taken by ICNIRP, FCC (US), and ARPANSA (Australia). Unfortunately for humankind, these organizations, which are responsible for our protection, require conclusive proof of harm before they will acknowledge the risks. The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) is a self-appointed non-governmental agency, which stands accused of having major conflicts of interest, and where the membership selection process is shrouded in secrecy. ICNIRP continues to ignore long-term non-thermal bioeffects in setting their guidelines, and it is these guidelines that are used in the West to set global standards which have allowed industry to proceed unencumbered by any real safety regulations.

We gratefully acknowledge the academic and organizational work of ORSAA’s retired radiation health physicist, Victor Leach, as well as the team of editors and other professionals who have worked tirelessly to bring this revised and translated version of the original Russian book to fruition. We recommend this text as an enlightening read for those concerned with the health implications of man-made microwave radiation, including 5G signals. ORSAA, 2021

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