Jenny was suffering with electrosensitivity and lost hope. Her parents fought to have the Wi-Fi removed from the school, but sadly the school didn’t listen. Jenny’s mother continues to campaign about the risks associated with Wi-Fi and especially in schools. She has kindly given the EM Radiation Research Trust permission to share a photograph of Jenny and the heart-breaking words written by Jenny Fry and found in her book.
In Jenny’s own words:
I have no hope for humanity , we are destroying this beautiful
earth as we speak, I’m not good enough with words to stand
out from the crowd and somehow help humanity.
I’m insignificant , an insignificant number on some ones screen
and so is my whole life a tiny blip in the whole existence of
the universe and I find it hard to be hopeful when I can barely
enjoy anything anymore .”
From Jenny’s Mum Debra: “Her question of Why was The EMF Scientist Appeal Not on The Six O’clock News such an IMPORTANT WARNING STATEMENT!  IGNORED BY THE NEWS 11/5/2015 her death 11/6/2015 a month later !”

The EM Radiation Research Trust and Jenny’s Mum Debra calls on you to sign and share The International Declaration, On Human Rights of Children in the Digital Age.  This Appeal is calling for three fundamental legal rights of children regarding the deployment and use of technology: their right to be free from intentionally addictive devices, platforms and apps; their right to be free from excessive exposure to wireless radiation; and their right to be free from commercial exploitation.


Parents of schoolgirl Jenny Fry are campaigning to have WiFi restricted in schools following her death: