Mere Green, Sutton Coldfield Phone Mast REFUSED

Here is a link to the objections from the EM Radiation Research Trust.

Application details below with decision to REFUSE



Mere Green Road Sutton Coldfield Birmingham B75 5BW

Application for a prior notification for the installation of a 20m high streetworks column supporting 6 no. antennas, 2 no. 0.3m dishes and ancillary equipment, the installation of 2 no. equipment cabinets and development ancillary.

Reason(s) for Refusal

‘1 The proposed monopole, due to its appearance and prominent siting, would represent an incongruous and overly dominant feature within the street scene which would have a detrimental impact on the visual amenity of the surrounding area. The proposal is therefore contrary to policy PG3 of the Birmingham Development Plan 2017, policy DM16 of the Development Management in Birmingham DPD 2021, the Birmingham Design Guide SPD (September 2022) and the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) 2021.

2 Insufficient evidence has been provided to demonstrate robustly that there are no potential alternative suitable sites available in less sensitive locations for the proposed the new telecommunications equipment. As such the proposal would be contrary to Policy DM16 of Development Management in Birmingham DPD 2021 and Birmingham Design Guide SPD 2022 and the National Planning Policy Framework. Date: Monday 14th November 2022


Prior Approval Required and to Refuse