Never forget the very important REFLEX study. The enclosed image demonstrates DNA damage to cells after just 24 hours exposure to mobile phone radiation equal to 1600 chest x-rays.

Results from the REFLEX research, a four-year study at 12 university research labs in 7 countries conducted by the Verum Foundation, based in Munich and funded by the EU at a cost of £2.1.

From the Pandora Foundation press:

A lobbyist of the mobile phone industry went to unlawful lengths to have the REFLEX papers withdrawn from the scientific literature in an attempt to bury this important research. In this he failed.

Prof. Lerchl was ordered to cease and desist by the Regional Court of Hamburg in 2015. He has since been ordered to refrain from publishing and/or having published his allegations of falsification with reference to the plaintiff, to avoid an administrative fine of up to EUR 250,000 for each case of infringement and, in the event that this cannot be recovered, of detention or of up to six months’ detention. Prof. Lerchl is ordered to pay the costs of the lawsuit. The verdict is provisionally enforceable. The amount in dispute is set at EUR 20,000.”

Pandora – Foundation for independent research

Alexander Lerchl has met his Waterloo

His fraud allegation against the REFLEX Study is unlawful
As results of basic research, the REFLEX findings point to a genotoxic potential of mobile phone radiation. In the meantime, this effect has been confirmed several times with different methods. The Bioinitiative report, a general overview of the state of research in the field of electromagnetic fields (updated 2014), shows that out of 76 papers in which the same test procedure was applied as at the MUV, genetic damage was detected in 49 ones. In 27 papers, the results were negative [5]. Together with the already available results from animal experiments and epidemiological studies, they must be regarded as evidence that mobile phone radiation can cause cancer in humans – as at least considered possible by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the WHO since 2011. Thus, they contribute significantly to the still ongoing discussion about the biological effects of mobile phone radiation. In any case, the REFLEX results have unjustly lost their scientific significance due to the falsification story invented and spread worldwide by Prof. Lerchl. Because he could not provide proof for the falsification, what had been predicted to him many times years in advance, he was ordered by the Regional Court of Hamburg in 2015 and by the Higher Regional Court of Bremen in 2020 to cease and desist the falsification allegations. This justifies the demand that the results of the REFLEX Study must get back their original scientific significance.’