Objection from Dr Joseph, EM Radiation Research Trust Advisor

I am a molecular biologist by discipline and I would like to object strongly to the installation of a 5G mast at Mere Green Road, Sutton Coldfield, B75 5BW, for the following reasons:

  1. The proposed 20m high streetworks column supporting 6 no. antennas, 2 no. 0.3m dishes and ancillary equipment, the installation of 2 no. equipment cabinets and development ancillary would be contrary to paragraphs 8.55 and 8.55 A-C of the Birmingham UDP 2005, Policy PG3 and TP12 of the Birmingham Development Plan (2017), Telecommunications Development: Mobile Phones Infrastructure adopted as a Supplementary Planning Document and the National Planning Policy Framework for the following reasons:
    1. It will be very conspicuous and by virtue of its size and siting, be exposed and prominent in the street scene. It would have an undue and adverse impact/effect on the visual amenity of the area, thus not reinforcing local distinctiveness. The proposal would cause undue harm to residential amenity in this location especially in respect to the outlook from dwellings adjacent and the associated impact on the wider location which would not, reduce in time as a feature in the street/ location.
    2. The siting of the proposed telecommunications equipment would be harmful to pedestrian safety as it is to be sited within the middle of a busy stretch of footway, which would cause obstruction, particularly to school children going to school on Mere Green Road.
    3. The proposed telecommunications equipment would lead to less than substantial harm to the setting and appearance of the adjacent grade II listed building ‘St James Church, 59 Mere Green Road, B75 5BW ‘, which would not be outweighed by the social and economic benefits associated with the proposal.
    4. The submitted alternative site location search is unsatisfactory and a more robust consideration of alternative sites such as street structures, existing buildings or street locations is required.

The planned 5G mast at B75 5BW is right next to the Lidl car park which is adjacent to Mere Green Primary School, thereby exposing children and adults to untested frequencies of 5G electromagnetic radiation (EMR), which is dangerous

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