22nd May 2024              

Sent via Email from Eileen O’Connor, Director EM Radiation Research Trust: eileen@radiationresearch.org

Cc.  Brian Stein CBE Chairman EM Radiation Research Trust

For the attention of the Miriam Cates MP: miriam.cates.mp@parliament.uk

Dear Miriam Cates,

The UK EM Radiation Research Trust are concerned for online safety for children.  We are delighted to hear you raised a debate on this important issue: Smartphones and Social Media: Children – Hansard – UK Parliament

Protecting children’s mental health and wellbeing is extremely important.  It would also help to protect children’s physical health risks associated with exposure to radio-frequency radiation emitted by smartphones, wifi, smart meters, and phone masts. It might be considered taboo to talk about the dangers associated with EMF’s, it was likewise taboo to mention the Post Office or infected blood problems at the eventual loss and detriment of the victims. Do we need to continue waiting for the damage to health and for the body count to become increasingly evident from exposure to wireless radiation?

I hope that the online safety bill will be used to safeguard children from harmful material and NOT used as a form of censorship to protect the profits of industry or as a method of public control.  I am concerned that the online safety bill could be used to stop freedom of speech censoring citizens, doctors, and scientists and media who are trying to raise concerns on many topics such as exposure to RFR radiation harm, lockdown, mRNA vaccine damages, water pollution, and many other environmental topics that go against the profits of big industry.

Children are exposed to classrooms full of RFR radiation from wifi, unlimited use of mobile phones and ipads for education purposes along with exposure to inappropriate education for children on gender identity leading to confusion and harmful ideology.

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