Download the template cover letter or complete a non-consent form and sent to your local Council, MP, Energy Supplier etc with copies of the EM Radiation Research Trust (RRT) letters sent to the Government on 18th September and 17th October.  See details below. 

Download instructions and feel free to use the template letter

Instructions & Cover Letter: Smart Meter Action Template

Cover letter download here: Smart Meter Action Template Letter 

Send copies of the EM Radiation Research Trust letters of complaint to your local Council, MP, Energy Supplier 

First letter of complaint sent on 18th September 2023 to the Department of Energy Security and Net Zero:

Letter of response sent on 17th October 2023 to the Department of Energy Security and Net Zero. This letter includes links directly to the letters of response from the Government and Freedom of Information:

Response to Energy Security and Net Zero

Listen to Richard Vobes review of the first RRT letter – A Complaint because they are dangerous!

Listen to Richard Vobes interview with EM Radiation Research Trust Director Eileen O’Connor

The Government do not know who’s liable!

EM Radiation Research Trust non-consent forms

Response received from Lord Callanan on behalf of the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero to The Rt Hon Bill Esterson MP following correspondence from Eileen O’Connor, Director for the EM Radiation Research Trust, calling for comments on the Energy Bill and Smart Meters. The letter from Lord Callanan Government confirms:

‘there are NO measures in the Energy Act which permit forced entry into people’s homes to install smart meters, or other smart energy appliances, to monitor or restrict people’s energy use.
The smart metering rollout is still underpinned by consumer choice, and there remains no legal obligation on consumers to accept a smart meter.’

Link to letter of from Lord Callanan dated 17th November 2023: