Utility companies should be prohibited from installing the meters until definitive health studies are concluded – BY JUDY VICK

It may seem a mundane topic, but you should be concerned about your home’s energy meter. Why? Because 23 cities (including Morro Bay) and four counties in California formally oppose wireless SmartMeters. Very recently, both the Marin County and Santa Cruz County Boards of Supervisors voted unanimously to enact moratoriums on SmartMeters. Our board should do the same.

According to the New York Times, opposition to SmartMeters is sweeping the nation. Bakersfield filed a class action lawsuit against PG&E for over-billing by SmartMeters. The Consumer Federation of California attacked investor-owned utilities for trying to avoid regulatory liability for abuses of private consumer data taken from SmartMeters by non-utility third parties. Consumer groups say PG&E admitted SmartMeters interfere with arc fault interrupters designed to protect against electrical fires, and interfere with or ruin household electronics.

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