‘STAMFORD – The Board of Representatives has rejected an agreement, brokered by the governor’s office, that set terms for allowing telecommunications carriers to install 5G equipment on city-owned utility poles.

Twenty-one city representatives Wednesday decided against accepting the state’s template for applications by telecoms that seek to place antennas and other equipment on poles in public rights of way.

Representatives said they were persuaded by research presented during an October meeting of the board’s Land Use Committee claiming to show that 5G technology can cause brain damage, headaches, memory loss, damage to reproductive organs and the nervous system, and genetic damage, as well as harm to trees, birds, insects and wildlife.

They rejected the state’s application template despite advice from Gov. Ned Lamont’s mediation panel and city attorneys who said they would lose in court if telecom companies are prevented from using public utility poles and they sue. Federal law prohibits local governments from legislating on the alleged health risks of radiofrequency radiation emitted by 5G antennas, the attorneys said.

City Rep. Sean Boeger said the possibility of losing in court should not be a factor in the deliberations of legislative bodies.

“The threat of whether we’re going to be sued is not a winning argument when a potential health concern is involved,” Boeger said. “We can’t frame our decisions off that.”’

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