Representation(s) Receipt Date/Time: 23/08/2023 14:02
Appeal Reference: APP/B9506/W/22/3299028
Appeal By: MBNL (EE Ltd and H3G (UK) Ltd)
Site Address: “Harrys Field” (Loaders Field)
Local Planning Authority: New Forest National Park Authority

Information/objection sent from the EM Radiation Research Trust

In 2011 the WHO and IARC classified non ionising radiation as a class 2b carcinogen. The same classification as DDT and lead in petrol. Members of IARC with collective judgment found scientific consensus in reaching this decision. The vote was nearly unanimous: 29 to 1.

The evidence of increased cancer risks has since been strengthened by further human studies, as well as toxicology studies in animals, which demonstrated clear evidence of tumours. The US govt paid $30 million to the NTP. The Italian Ramazzini Institute ten-year research project also found clear evidence of malignant tumours. Two different institutes with laboratories in different countries, totally independent of each other and both producing parallel consistent findings, reinforces the validity of these ground-breaking animal studies.

NTP Study

Ramazzini Institute Study

Risks associated with this type of radiation are not limited to cancer. Here are some of the most reported symptoms:

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