Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of EMF Associated Illness and
Pre-Conference course: Electrosmog and Electrotherapeutics 101
Held virtually October 23 & 24, 2020 and January 28 to 31 2021
A joint offering by the Electromagnetic Safety Alliance and Acknowledging Health Care. Was approved for 24.5 Continuing Medical Education/CE credits for licensed health practitioners (MDs, NDs, DOs, PAs, NPs and nurses). Credit is no longer available.

This conference was convened online in January 2021, with a pre-lecture on EMF basics in October 2020, that was attended by over 800 people from 30+ nations. The information and resources provided at this conference is still very relevant today.

Presentations were made by internationally recognized scientists who have published in the field of bio-electromagnetics; by knowledgeable health practitioners who treat people for EMF associated illness and injuries; and, by healthy building engineers who test EMF exposures and mitigate hazards, will provide a high quality education and training experience.

We are now offering you the chance to view, AT NO CHARGE, all the videos associated with this conference.