October 19, 2023

Are public health officials abusing the word once again?
Ministers remain in ignorant bliss with regard to 5G health risks

By Gillian Jamieson

‘Too often, nowadays, those who are concerned about the potential health risks of the radio-frequency radiation (RFR) emitting from smartphones, cordless phones, phone masts, WiFi, Bluetooth, smart meters and much more are dismissed with that overused label, “conspiracy theorists,” a term which seems to align with the modern tendency to believe in “consensus science”. It seems that our own government has fallen prey to this fallacy. It maintains, as you will see, that RFR is safe and that there is an international consensus to this effect.

I voiced my own concerns to my MP Rishi Sunak, as I suffered chronic health problems after living for three years within 15 to 20 metres of a phone mast twenty years ago and therefore wish to reduce my exposure to radiation, where possible. My belief in the likely cause of my own ill-health was underpinned by the deaths of two neighbours, living on either side of this mast, from motor neurone disease. Eileen O’Connor, the director of the EM-Radiation Research Trust has a similar story to tell, with a cluster of breast cancers, along with one case of motor neurone disease around the mast where she lived.’

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