Objection to the WHO Pandemic treaty

Action Template letter to send to your local MP and Councillors

From EM Radiation Research Trust Scientific Advisor Dr Shirin Joseph, BSc in Biological Sciences and PhD in molecular biology

The new WHO Pandemic treaty and the amendments to the International Health Regulations (article 13A, article 42, article 12, annex2) will remove our rights to democracy, remove our rights to informed consent on what goes into our bodies, and sanctions censorship as well as surveillance of our social communications, thereby removing all privacy and freedom of the people in 194 member states.

All the amendments remove the word ‘non-binding’ which means that when member states sign the new WHO Pandemic treaty and the latest version of the IHR behind closed doors, the member states effectively lose their sovereignty and thereby throw away the rights and freedoms of their people, without their knowledge.

Please download the enclosed template letter and send it to your MP and councillors.

Download letter and instructions here:

WHO Action Template letter written by Dr Shirin Joseph