Wireless communication turned its first page in the early 1900s when Marconi transmitted the radio signal across the Atlantic. Since the 1980s, mobile communication has revolutionized the world, transforming every aspect of our lives. With the endless frontiers spanning 5G, we start wondering what 6G will be like. 6G — a more advanced next-generation mobile communication system — will go far beyond just communications. It will serve as a distributed neural network that provides links with integrated communication, sensing, and computing capabilities to fuse the physical, biological, and cyber worlds, ushering in an era of true Intelligence of Everything. Building upon 5G, 6G will continue the transformation from connected people and things to connected intelligence. In essence, it will bring intelligence to every person, home, and business, leading to a new horizon of innovations. In this paper, we present a holistic view of our 6G vision, exploring 6G key capabilities, new use cases and requirements, new building blocks, and paradigm shifts in air interface and network architecture designs. More details are available in our book “6G: The Next Horizon” recently published by Cambridge University Press…….

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