Letter sent to Birmingham City Council and officials

8th November 2023

The EM Radiation Research Trust call on all works for 20.0m mast and streetworks on War Lane, Harborne, Birmingham B17 1RP to immediately cease and desist.  This mast and associated cabinets are in breach of planning due to a missing ICNIRP Certificate.  We understand that work on the site has started with four cabinets already in place. We call on local authorities to follow the code of best practice and to stop all work on this site immediately.

Masts must have a valid ICNIRP certificate and can be operated only by Ofcom.  A serious investigation must be carried out as due diligence had not been followed.

 Birmingham City Council previously refused this application for Prior Notification for the proposed 20.0m High EE/H3G phase 7 streetworks pole at War Lane, Harborne, Birmingham B17 1RP

Download letter here: Birmingham City Council Missing ICNIRP Cert. Cease and Desist 5G – War Lane Harborne