Attached is a template objection letter written by Dr Shirin Joseph.  Dr Joseph is a PhD qualified molecular biologist who has worked as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in various research institutes  (Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Cambridge University – Physiology and Clinical Pharmacology departments), and also in multiple managerial roles in the scientific distribution industry in charge of Bioscience product portfolios.

and made available for public use.

Here are instructions on how to approach the objection effectively:

a) when sending an objection to a mast planning application be sure to look up all associated documents
b) look at the site specific info document, the application plan document and the mobile provider’s justification document
c) this will give you the ammunition to object specifically to each mast
d) you need to look on Google maps as to whether there is a high footfall, schools in the vicinity and identify any area where children are likely to be put at risk – you can quote Meo at el (2019), Foerster et al (2018) or the URL link of data by Prof Tom Butler – all of which identify the risks of electromagnetic radiation for children
e) check what time period you have to object as councils only allow a set time for the public to comment i.e. ~21 days

Download here